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H.G.C. Engineering Consulting engineering firm specializing in noise, vibration, and acoustics. We also do noise impact studies, research and development, and noise isolation.

A Acoustics Full service acoustical engineering firm.

Acentech, Inc Acoustical consultants with expertise in the fields of architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audiovisual and sound system design.

ACIA Engineering Acoustics UK consultants providing design and measurement services in industrial noise, building design, and planning.

Acoustic Associates, Ltd Provides consulting and educational services in environmental noise, classroom acoustics, occupational hearing loss, hearing conservation, and product noise.

Acoustic Associates, Ltd. A consulting firm in Palatine, Illinois specializing in audiometric testing, room acoustics, sound assessment, noise control, hearing conservation, and audiology.

Acoustic Dimensions Provides a coordinated approach that includes room shaping, acoustics, audio, video and lighting design.

Acoustic Expertise Illinois firm offering acoustic design, noise control, audio system integration services and performing arts facilities.

Acoustical Design Group, Inc Consultants in acoustics, sound and video system design, provides services emphasizing practical, aesthetic, and innovative solutions.

Acoustilog, Inc New York firm providing acoustical measurement, consultations, expert witness testimony, soundproofing design and troubleshooting services.

Addiscombe Acoustics Limited UK firm specialising in environmental, transportation, construction, petrochemical, offshore, expert witness and occupational exposure assessment.

Aercoustics Engineering Limited Consulting engineers for solutions in the fields of acoustics, vibration, and noise control.

Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd. Noise vibration consultancy.

Anutone Manufactures acoustical panels.

Arpeggio Acoustic Consulting, LLC Provides consulting and design services in room acoustics, auditorium planning, noise control, sound isolation, sound, video, a/v, and lighting.

Artec Consultants Inc. Providing theatre planning, theatre equipment, acoustics, and sound and communication systems consulting as well as feasibility and economic studies.

Associates in Acoustics, Inc. A professional consulting firm specializing in industrial noise measurement, engineering control, and hearing conservation issues.

ATCO Noise Management Canadian acoustics consultants and engineering company serving industrial noise reduction, and more.

AVL Design Design firm specializing in acoustics, sound system design, theatrical lighting and rigging, and industrial noise control.

Big Sky Acoustics Specializing in architectural acoustics, environmental noise control and reduction, sound isolation, and vibration analysis.

Bruel & Kjaer Provides transducers and complete systems for the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration in a wide range of applications.

Camets Services Comprehensive range of services in acoustics & vibration, general acoustic information, free advice, advanced instrumentation used, and some interesting links.

Cedrick Frank Associates Texas company offering design solutions for acoustics, sound, and audio-visual-video systems.

Cerami & Associates Experienced in the full range of acoustical engineering, audio-visual design services, vibration control, and seismic design.

Cerami Associates, Inc Provides acoustical, audio-visual, and information technology consulting services.

Charles M. Salter Associates Consultants in acoustics and audio/visual system design.

Coffeen Fricke & Associates, Inc. Offers acoustics and audio-visual communications consultancy services.

Colin Gordon & Associates Provides consulting services, with specialists who service vibration-sensitive advanced technology applications.

Commins Acoustics Acousticians of concert halls, opera houses and theaters. Massachusetts firm offering sound and vibration measurement and consulting services for environmental, municipal, engineering and architectural applications.

CSTI Acoustics Offers professional consulting in acoustics, noise and vibration control, hearing damage risk, product design, and literature research for engineering firms, commercial and industrial firms, government agencies, architects, attorneys, and churches.

D.L. Adams Associates, Ltd. Independant consultants in architectural acoustics and audiovisual systems design.

David L. Adams Associates, Inc. Architectural, multi-media and environmental acoustical consultants provide projects, profile, contacts and fu facts.

DDL OMNI Engineering Engineering and technical services devoted to the design, testing, logistics, and documentation for both hardware and software systems.

Dynamic Control of North America, Inc. Produces Dynamat acoustic damping materials, Dynaliner acoustic foams, Hoodliner, and the Wave Mod aperiodic membrane.

Encore Design Group Providing consulting and design services in acoustics, sound systems, lighting systems, and more.

Engineering Acoustics, Inc. Development and fabrication of sensors and instrumentation related to underwater acoustics, hydrophones, and more.

Engineering Dynamics International Missouri consultants in architectural acoustics, noise, HVAC vibration control, sound testing, audio and video systems, and performance lighting.

Euphonia Specialised in virtual acoustics.

Euronoisecontrol - G.E.I.E. European consortium of noise control product vendors and consultants addressing industrial and environmental acoustics.

Francis Manzella Design, Ltd. Provides acoustic consulting and studio design for critical listening environments.

Great Lakes Sound and Vibration Specialists in acoustics, shock, and vibration reduction.

Hankard Environmental Inc Consultants in environmental, architectural, and sound system acoustics.

Harris Grant Associates International acoustic & technical systems designers. UK based, designers of recording studios, cinemas, theatres, public buildings, home theatres.

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. Acoustical services for airports, highways, rail and transit systems.

Hepworth Acoustics UK firm providing consultancy services to industries where acoustics and noise is an issue.

Ihrig Wilson & Associates, Inc. California firm offering professional services associated with acoustics, noise and vibration control in the construction industry, and forensics.

Industrial Acoustics Company Acoustic engineers supplying noise control systems.

Joiner Consulting Group Multi-disciplined acoustical, audio visual and communication consulting and design firm.

Jordan Akustik Denmark firm provides portfolio, contacts and profile. Working worldwide with room acoustics in concert Halls, operas and theatres.

JW Mooney - Acoustic Consultant Architectural acoustic consulting.

Kirkegaard & Associates Consultants in architectural acoustics, audio/video systems and mechanical noise isolation.

Landmark Sound Labs Offer professional and consumer electro-acoustic engineering services for laboratory and more.

Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates Specializing in acoustics, environmental noise, audio and audio visual system design.

Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System LARES is electronic architecture which generates direct, reflected, and more.

MacroSonix Corporation Commercial applications include process control, process reactors, compressors, and more.

Marshall Day Acoustics An independent acoustic consulting firm based in New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

Marshall Long Acoustics Providing architectural acoustics and audio visual design services for theaters, auditoria, and more.

Martin Newson & Associates, LLC Offers acoustical consulting services including architectural and environmental acoustics and noise and vibration control.

Mc Squared System Design Group, Inc. Consulting firm providing sound system design, audio/video presentation system design and acoustical design services.

Medlin & Associates Acoustical Consultants Provide innovative acoustical designs, measurements and building treatment recommendations.

Medlin Acoustics Provides acoustical consulting services for architechtural infrastructure and environmental projects.

Metropolitan Acoustics Acoustical engineering firm that provides services for room acoustics, acoustical isolation, noise control, and sound and AV system design.

Metropolitan Acoustics Consulting engineers specializing in noise assessment, abatement, and control.

Modeshape Technologies, Inc. Acoustical and vibration measurements group that provides data measurement and more.

National Council of Acoustical Consultants Professional organization whose members consult on sound, noise, vibration, and hearing to architects, engineers, and attorneys.

Nelson Acoustical Engineering, Inc Specializes in predicting and controlling noise for industrial and marine projects.

Noise Control Engineering Inc Specializes in predicting and controlling noise for industrial and marine projects.

Orpheus Acoustics Acoustical consultants specializing in architectural acoustics including noise and more.

Ostergaard Acoustical Associates Acoustical services for architecture, environment, litigation, noise control, and vibration control.

Peninsular Acoustics Advisory and consultancy service for all types of noise control and management.

Physical Acoustics Corportion Specialize in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of acoustic emission, ultrasonic, eddy current, and resistivity solutions worldwide.

Pollution Control Consultancy and Design Australian based acoustical consulting firm that provides a comprehensive range of services in environmental and occupational noise measurement, assessment and control.

Polysonics Corporation Delaware firm providing consulting services for acoustics, vibration, audio-visual systems, and telecommunications.

RAAMaudio Offers a line of sound deadening products for use in autos.

Renzo Tonin & Associates Pty Ltd Specialising in building acoustics, environmental acoustics, workplace acoustics and legal services. Australia.

Sandy Brown Associates Consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration, audio-visual systems, theatre and conference venues, and specialist architecture.

Scala Consultants Provides consulting services for acoustic and noise and vibration-free design.

Scott R. Riedel & Associates, Ltd. Consultation, design, and technical services for acoustics, architecture, organs, and sound systems.

Shiner+Associates, Inc. Specialists in attaining optimum acoustical environments.

Sonic Architecture Creates interactive architectural installations for science centers, schools, museums, and other public sites

Sonix, Inc. Specializing in nondestructive testing of materials using ultrasound.

Sound Seal A wide variety of cost effective, high performance noise control materials.

Stewart Acoustical Consultants Provides architectural and building acoustical consulting services primarily in North Carolina and adjacent states.

Studio Electronics California firm focused on design and installation of audio recording studios, including repairs.

Sub Sea Sonics Manufacturers of acoustic and timed underwater releases for use in environmental surveys.

Svantek Develops and manufactures professional instruments for sound and vibration measurements.

Talaske Group, Inc. Acoustics consultants specializing in building design, mechanical and electrical system noise control, and audio/video system design.

The AAA Group Group of companies including Nick Whitaker Electroacoustics, Pegley-Darcy Architects, and Black Box.

The Greenbusch Group, Inc Specializes in environmental noise studies, mechanical noise and vibration control, interior noise and reverberation control, and audio/video system design.

The Top In Sound, Inc. Providing consulting and design services in acoustics, sound systems and more.

Theer and Associates Specializing in acoustic consulting and design services.

Thorburn Associates Acoustical consulting and audiovisual system engineering.

Viacoustics A consortium of four companies that provide consulting services and products.

Walters-Storyk Design Group International architectural and acoustic design firm specializing in professional audio and more.

White Mark Ltd. Acoustic and technical designers of pre and post production studios for the audio, video and broadcast industries.

Wieland Associates Provides acoustical consulting services.

Wyle Laboratories, Inc. An independent, testing, engineering & specialty mfg. company supporting quality conscious industries worldwide since 1949.

XL Acoustics A UK based acoustic design,consultation and building service specialising in recording studios and more.

Zonic Builders of noise and vibration measurement systems and software.



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